How we operate

Our branches and groups, endeavor to organize seminars and rallies which inspire their neighborhoods towards a new heart or a new set of values that give priority to inclusive brotherhood, sisterhood, family-hood, unity, peace and equality of all in dignity and opportunity.

Our long term dream is to have at least one branch of Undugu family members in every town and in every rural settlement. These branches are meant to give opportunity to all persons of good will in a neighborhood to shine out like little stars reminding humanity of the fundamental truth that even though we belong to different tribes, religions or social class, we are all, by origin and destiny, sons and daughters of that God who is the Parent of all and who, most of all, wants us to beat our swords into plowshares, our spears into pruning hooks so that no nation would lift a sword against another or train for war any more.

Something About Us:

Who we are?

Dedicating ourselves to eliminating the scourge of tribalism, racism religious sectarianism and related intolerance fully and effectively as a matter of priority, while drawing lessons from manifestations and past experiences of these forms of intolerance in the Great Lakes Region and in all parts of the world with a view of avoiding their recurrence; As a Non-profit making Organization we undertake the task of sowing seeds for an alternative culture of peace and inclusive family hood (brotherhood / sisterhood) by enabling the human family be more effectively conscious of its true identity as well as of its common origin, destiny and nature as one big blessed family of brothers and sisters, sons and daughters of God who is Good and source of all goodness and our common Parent, We refer to ourselves as UNDUGU Family.
Since inception this has been our conviction in pursuit of sustainable peace, Love and universal familyhood.

If we want to live we have no choice but to learn to live together cherishing a New Culture of Unity and Peace which can ensure that genocides or killings such as those that happened in Rwanda and Bosnia do not reappear again anywhere in the world in any form. Our strategy includes, enabling people, through witness programs, to love and live it with pleasure, out of pleasure for their own pleasure and for the pleasure of the whole world.

Preparing for our Sliver Jubilee

UNDUGU Family Achievements:

  • The Family has managed to achieve its goals for the 25 years of promoting peace.
  • Undugu family is yet to celebrated the family’s 25th birthday festivals for peace since the family was born in the year 1996 in Mwanza (Tanzania).
  • Succeeded in organizing leaders seminars.
  • Participated in the world day of youth that took place in German in the year 2005 July.
  • Provided computer knowledge to some members.
  • More new branches and groups have been born and the family has expanded to five countries including Germany.
  • The family in general has managed to get its permanent co-ordinating home for its activities.
  • Started off income generating projects for some groups.
  • Started off an informal education program for our young brothers and sisters.
  • The family has gathered more people and enables them to do things together and to avoid division of tribes, religions and also to become a grate gift of God to the whole world.

Undugu Family E.V

Located In Germany

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How to get Involved

This is my family and your family. Celebrate just who you are – beloved begotten child of God and sister or brother to all by either joining the nearest branch or by starting a branch in your neighborhood and let us know about it.

You can also get involved by getting your family join two or more other families to celebrate this brotherhood and by supporting any branch you know of.

Our Goals

Our goal is to prepare a new generation that will never resort to a genocide or to any form of violence based on our ethnic, racial or religious diversity as a way of dealing with problems.

We aim at enabling all people celebrate our universal familyhood and glorify our identity as brothers and sisters more than our ranks or anything else in all activities.