Gen. Animator Fr. Steve Msele giving out his speech on the 10th Anniversary Celebrations at Nsambya

Animators Message

UNDUGU FAMILY Culture Association (UFCA) is a movement that works towards an alternative culture of peace, inclusive familyhood (Undugu) and prosperity based on the believe that unity is life, division is death and that all people are sons and daughters of God who is our common Parent (Father / Mother of us all). As brothers and sisters in this Family of God, each person, man or woman, we believe, shares equal dignity, opportunity and responsibility.This culture of peace is to be achieved through the mediation of music, dance, drama, sports, games, income generating activities, seminars, awareness programs, informal education and, especially, by way of encouraging neighbors to get involved in a dialogue of life by either singing, dancing, dramatizing, playing, working and solving their social and economic problems in their neighborhood but together as brothers and sisters even when they happen to come from different ethnic groups or religions.