Greatest Value

People ask for the reason why we write the word UNDUGU in capital letters as if it were an abbreviation of some other bigger name. We do so because we want to emphasize a number of things.
To begin with, we do it to underline the fact that UNDUGU (our relationship of brotherhood, sisterhood or familyhood) is everything to us even though we live in a world where money, power or honor is everything to many people.
Undugu is our hope, our strength and our life because united we stand but divided we not only fall but end up slaughtering one another for food, power, honor and the like.

We know very well that without a spirit of brotherhood and sisterhood among us there can never be genuine unity among us and where there is no unity there is no peace. Moreover where there is no peace there is no lasting progress or prosperity. A world in which UNDUGU spirit is absent is miserable if not a hell.

UNDUGU is our culture or our way of doing things because we endeavor to do all but as brothers and sisters and as a family. We endeavor to solve problems and meet the challenges of life the way biological brothers or sisters would do it.

UNDUGU is our origin and destiny because we are not only born brothers and sisters but we are also destined to live together forever as brothers and sisters with God as our common parent.

UNDUGU is, indeed, our religion because living with and loving all people, all the sons and daughters of God as our brothers and sisters is our best possible way of being Christians, Muslims or Hindus.

Music and dance is one way that can contribute to bringing universal unity Undugu Family is watching (Bobi Wine, Dr.Jose Chameleon and Undugu family dancers)